- Hello, Peachy Pea! Oh, you’re so sweet. But what are you doing there, perched on my tomato?’

- I’m trying to make my dream come true. I dream to be sown by a true princess and to reach high, to the fringes of the sky.

That’s a wonderful dream, and I’m sure you’ll succeed. I know this, because I wrote your story. You’re one of the most beloved characters in my book, Yummy Stories. But let me tell you something. I also have a dream...

My dream is to make children all around the world enjoy vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. I will make my dream come true by writing lots of special books for children, parenting books, kid friendly recipes, food art, organic gardening and workshops.

I believe in the power of stories

People have been telling stories for thousands of years, even before writing was invented. Stories are not just a form of entertainment – they teach us and help us prepare for life. Well written stories help stimulate the child’s brain, instill values, ideas, feelings, and also motivate people. In the words of Albert Einstein, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.” That’s why it’s so important to know what sort of books to buy and read to our children.

I don’t write haphazardly. I strongly believe that stories and games are a crucial component of any person’s education. When I write, my experience as a mother, teacher, organic gardener and food artist helps me a lot. The stories that emerge from this composite background entertain children, and also encourage the development of healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Click play to search inside my new book  for children.  

Yummy Stories: six stories to stimulate your mind and appetite

Anda Cofaru

The thing I loved the most when working on Lil L. Alexander's books was the feeling of cheerfullness that I felt in the stories. Given that I am also a fan of healthy eating myself, I think it's a great idea to teach our children about healthy eating, through a fun and enjoyable storybook.

Fun-filled educational stories

I strongly believe that introducing children to proper eating habits at an early age leads to healthy adults. The secret is to teach children without sounding condescending—or, even worse, boring. My stories are for children ages three and above, and are centered on healthy eating. The pictures are appealing and unique: children find houses made of mushrooms, clouds of cauliflower, trees of broccoli, and other playful nods toward nutritious food. Flip through the pages of my new book, and you will soon find yourself absorbed in a gripping attention game.

Where do I draw my inspiration from? To start with, from my garden, full of plants and wildlife, and also from children, natural phenomena and even letters from my readers. The action takes place in nature, and the characters are charming, convincing and appealing to girls and boys alike.