- Hey, Peachy Pea, what are you doing with that leaf?

- Hm, I’m trying to become invisible! I’ve heard laughter from the garden, and that means your kids are close, Lil. From what I’ve heard, they love fresh peas...

- Don’t worry! I think they’ll really enjoy a new playmate. Go and give them a big, peachy hug!

- I love children. My dream is to become a giant beanstalk, so that children can climb on me and swing through the clouds. 

- I know, I wrote about you in Yummy Stories. :) I also have a big dream...

My dream is to make children all around the world enjoy vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. To eat and live healthy, like my family does. This dream blossomed around my children, who inspire me and strengthen my resolve every day. Parenting is a truly unique experience. I will make my dream come true by writing stories and scrumptious recipes (100% healthy), and also with the help of food art, organic gardening and workshops. 

Real food for my kids

When my first child was born, I realized I should immediately embrace a 100% healthy lifestyle, both for myself and for my family. What does this mean? Not popular diets from fancy magazines, to be sure. I have read many books on health and nutrition, published by reputable authors, and I’ve chosen the best possible providers for my ingredients, which must be 100% natural, whole, and unprocessed. I said good bye to sugar and white flour, and to all other uncertain or controversial ingredients. I also said good bye to chemical cleaners. Furthermore, after extensive research, I started using the proper combination of ingredients, which leads to the best possible digestion and nutrient intake. And in that moment, I realized that 90% of the recipes you find in books are completely impractical, so I started writing my own recipes. Click play to see my healthy, everyday food. 

Maria Varga
nutritionist dietitian

When I first met her in person, I was astonished to find that such a large soul, such an endless stream of ideas can fit such a small body. If we could fashion our bodies according to the size of our feelings, Lil would certainly be a giant.

My favorite quotes

Click play to see a collection of my favorite quotes by famous authors and inspiring leaders, about life, nature, children and books. Positive thoughts, great advices and awesome ideas.

Quotes can inspire us. Quotes can change lives. What and who inspires you?

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