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Yummy Stories - coloring page
Yummy Stories - coloring page
Cheekerchuck - the dinosaur who liked to eat

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Cheekerchuck, the Dinosaur Who Liked to Eat

This is the story of a very cute baby dinosaur who, following a wild storm, ends up hatching from his egg in front of the gate of an old woman living in the countryside. Even though he is initially bullied and hurt by all the other animals living in the old woman’s courtyard (a picky dog and a jealous rooster), he manages to establish himself and earn everyone’s respect. As he is greedy and always asks for a second serving of fruits and vegetables, he grows to an impressive and imposing size. Nevertheless, he remains friendly and lets all the village children use his tail as a swing, and he doesn’t seek revenge against those who had treated him bad. Let's color this awesome scene!