- Tell me, my dear Peachy Pea, do you think this type of vegetable salad is enticing enough for the kids?

- I think it’s very funny… if I would be a kid I would eat it right away... Ask for more even... And I’d dream all night about the delicious breakfast my mother will prepare for me the following morning.

- Sounds very interesting... I’d really love to know what peas dream about… But you know what? I too have a dream.

My dream is to make children all around the world enjoy vegetables, fruits and leafy greens, and I will make my dream come true with the help of food art – amusing pictures and characters made out of vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts and seeds – and many books for children and parents alike, organic gardening and workshops. I believe these are the most effective ways to make children eat truly healthy.

Picky eaters or misunderstood children?

There’s no such thing as picky eaters, only misunderstood children and misguided approaches.

Try to be creative in the kitchen, and your child will appreciate it. Food art is the most efficient way to determine children to eat more fruit and vegetables. Food art encourages children to try new tastes and new foods. Food art will draw their attention and increases their appetite. This type of education is both esthetic and nutritional.

Play with your food! Cooking can be fun. Meal time will no longer be a battle for each mouthful. Involve your kids in cooking. They’ll be proud of their creation and eat it heartily. Use natural, organic and unprocessed ingredients and tell your kids where the food comes from and what its nutritional values are. How can we stay healthy by eating vegetables? 

Maria Varga
nutritionist dietitian

When I first met her in person, I was astonished to find that such a large soul, such an endless stream of ideas can fit such a small body. If we could fashion our bodies according to the size of our feelings, Lil would certainly be a giant.

My food art: behind the scenes

You might not have a lot of time, or you might think food art is difficult to grasp. A teaspoon of will is all it takes. Add a sun made out of carrots to your mashed potatoes. In time, you will learn to do many more shapes. If you don’t have enough time, just give your child some cleverly sliced vegetables and teach him how to make something with his own hands. This way, you will keep him busy while you prepare a fresh and nourishing soup. Relax and have fun. You don’t need expensive tools or fancy cutters. One small, sharp knife is enough. You can also use toothpicks and other improvised tools from the kitchen. Out of ideas? Your child is always full of them: ask for his assistance. Don’t forget to give a cool name to your creation!